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Storzer & Greene, P.L.L.C. was formed in 2006 to join our talents and long experience in representing religious organizations. We have a principled commitment to defending the right to practice one's faith without undue governmental interference.

These matters of concern include:

  • Zoning, Land Use and Eminent Domain
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Non-Profit Incorporation
  • Bylaws and governance disputes
  • Employment Issues
  • General Non-profit corporate matters

We often work in conjunction with an institution's local or general counsel. For information on some of the cases Mr. Storzer and Mr. Greene have handled see About the Attorneys, Representative Clients , Important Cases, and Press Room sections of this website.


Congregation Rabbinical College of Tartikov v. Village of Pomona, N.Y.
"Communities pay a high price when religious groups invoke land-use law"

Rabbinical College featured in recent Journal News article on RLUIPA litigation.   read more »

Congregation Mischknois Lavier Yakov v. Board of Trustees for the Village of Airmont, N.Y.
"After Airmont loses RLUIPA battle, controversial proposal resurfaces"

Update on the ongoing controversy between the Village of Airmont and a planned yeshiva.   read more »

Berkowitz v. East Ramapo Central School District, N.Y.
Orthodox Jewish teachers win summary judgment on religious holidays claim

White Plains, N.Y. (Mar. 21, 2013): S&G Orthodox Jewish clients win summary judgment on their claim that a "religious observance" provision in their collective bargaining agreement with a public school district does not violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.   read more »

Publications & Events

Religious school successfully defends against Title VII lawsuit

On June 7, 2006, the federal Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit affirmed a decision dismissing a sex discrimination lawsuit brought by a parochial school teacher based on her dismissal for abortion rights advocacy. Congratulations to the Becket Fund for a hard-won appeal. (Mr. Storzer had been co-counsel in the successful representation of the Ursuline Academy before the District Court.)   read more »

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals hands down resounding RLUIPA victory

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals hands down resounding RLUIPA victory
In a much-anticipated case involving the right of a religious institution to obtain a land use permit in order to build a place of worship, the Court of Appeals decided on August 1, 2006 that a county cannot deny a CUP to a Sikh organization if that denial would "impose a significantly great restriction or onus upon" its religious exercise. The Court found that this particular denial would in fact do so, based upon its findings that:

  (1) The County's broad reasons given for its tandem denials could easily apply to all future applications by Guru Nanak; and (2) that Guru Nanak readily agreed to every mitigation measure suggested by the Planning Division, but the County, without explanation, found such cooperation insufficient.

As Director of Litigation for The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Mr. Storzer drafted its amicus brief supporting the Sikh Society. Several of the arguments proposed in the brief were adopted by the Court of Appeals, including the proposition that RLUIPA makes explicit certain protections already inherent in the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment (including the legal requirement that a denial of a discretionary land use permit must survive strict scrutiny judicial review), and that the denial of a land use permit may be substantially burdensome on religious exercise, even though the initial requirement of such a permit is not.   read more »

Washington, D.C.: The Washington Post reports on a Calvert County church's legal victory:

Washington, D.C.: The Washington Post reports on a Calvert County church's legal victory:


In a test of wills, church vs. state, the church wins the first round. . . . "The government needs a very good reason to shut down a church," said Roman P. Storzer, a District lawyer who represents religious organizations in religious land-use cases.

Judge Rejects Attempt to Close Huntingtown Church Pantry, Center, Christy Goodman, Washington Post C4 (Mar. 2, 2008).   read more »