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Our Practice

"Storzer & Greene -- a high-profile, Washington law firm that specializes in religious land-use cases throughout the United States"  The Star-Ledger

Storzer & Greene, P.L.L.C. is principally engaged in representing religious organizations of all traditions in wide variety of matters. We have a principled commitment to defending the right to practice one's faith without undue governmental interference. These matters of concern include:

The firm was formed in 2006 to join our talents and long experience in representing religious organizations. We often work in conjunction with an institution's local or general counsel. For information on some of the cases Mr. Storzer and Mr. Greene have handled see About the Attorneys, Representative Clients , Important Cases, and Press Room sections of this website. To contact us please click here.

The following is a partial list of clients represented by Messrs. Storzer and Greene: